Elite Hail International - auto hail damage repair in Texas

Meet the Hail Repair Texas Team

A San Antonio Texas Based- Auto Dent and Hail Repair Specialists

Hail Repair Texas Team is Texas Based – Exceptional Global Reputation

Dustin and Lauren Fox. The Hail Repair Texas Team.

Auto Hail Dent Repair Specialists.

Elite Hail™ International’s founder, Dustin Fox has been in the business of auto hail dent repair since 2001. As the original owner of Hail O Dent, Dustin started Elite Hail™ International in 2014 after countless demand and trips abroad for auto hail dent repair work. He has an extensive background in all facets of automotive body repair, leading right up to “paintless dent repair”.

Dustin used this knowledge and reputation to start building Elite Hail™ One Teams to provide repair work around the world.Having become one of the best in the business, the Elite Hail™ International’s reputation in the industry have made them a sought after group.

Calling San Antonio home, we work hand and hand with some of the area’s most well known body shops when a big storm hits our town! Our large central location keeps us busy with public owned automobiles. Our work is not limited to hail repair only. The process works on door dings and small indentations all over a car.

No matter what, no matter where, we make it look right again!

Elite Hail™ International – San Antonio TX

More on Our Hail Repair Texas Team

Owner Dustin Fox served an internship at one of the top auto hail dent repair firms in 2001. While serving as an interior specialist, he traveled the nation with a catastrophic hail repair team. Over the years he transitioned into a reputable auto hail dent repair specialist and established himself as one of the best in the industry.

Connecting with another technician, their common bond of speed and quality workmanship soon began landing them jobs with companies who needed their fleets back in service as quickly as possible. The demand for them quickly followed as news traveled within the industry of the efficiency and work ethics they possessed.

Traveling internationally, the work with more technicians grew into Dustin’s vision to establish the best of the best teams. He looked for dedication to the craft, work ethics, speed, and attention to detail matching his own. Elite Hail™ evolved in name, from the very work they provide.

The Elite Teams have been in the Auto Body Hail Repair business in Texas for more than 20 years.
That’s an experience you can count on!
We work with your insurance company

Elite Hail International services all Texas and the US

For truck, car, vehicle and fleet accessories and outfitting please go to our partner American Elite Outfitters.com

As described before Elite Hail International provides a wide range of services across all cities in Texas and the United States. You know our team of experts specializes in hail damage repair, dents, door dings, and collision damage for cars and trucks. We utilize advanced paintless dent repair techniques to ensure the preservation of your vehicle’s original paint. Additionally, we offer paint touch-up, auto glass paint and body repair services as part of our comprehensive offerings. If you are unable to bring your vehicle to us, we conveniently offer a mobile dent repair service and can come to your location.

Once the hail damage is repair you could be interested in the services of our partner American Elite Outfitters in Helotes, TX. They can outfit your truck, jeep, car and entire fleet with services like be truck outfitting, bed liners, bumpers, over-fitting, protection, tires and rims, etc..

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