Dent Repair AustinThis past week in Denver Colorado, many areas experienced some of the worst hail storms to hit the region in a while. Hail balls as large as two inches and greater found their way out of the sky and into the front and rear seats of cars. We’ve seen some pretty amazing storms, and many with the same kind of outcome. The velocity of large hail can essentially go beyond shatter, and literally right through the window itself.

So what do you do as a driver caught in such a storm? Needless to say shattered and broken windshields can present a clear and present danger of flying glass. Now, compound the fact you may also be moving at the same time in traffic and it could become catastrophic.

Here are a few well heeded pieces of advice to keep yourself as safe as possible during a storm such as this:


  1. Get out of moving traffic as soon as possible.
  2. If you can safely park off the road or in a parking lot, do so.
  3. Get into back of car and if possible, on the floor. Shield head.
  4. Do not get out of car. Hail of this magnitude can cause some serious body harm.
  5. Wait the storm out. Call tow service and insurance company.
  6. Do not attempt to drive the car with bad damaged windshield or other missing glass.
  7. If you have children in the car, move them away from all glass. Hail can catapult sideways too.

From a repair standpoint, it is sometimes best to have your glass and hail damage repaired at the same time. Get the estimates. Get the work done and get back out on the road again.