It doesn’t take long for destructive storms to unleash hail that propel downward like a rocket. Pocket storms are normally associated with a small concentrated area of hail activity. But what hit San Antonio this past week was simply EliteHailIntl. San Antoniowhat we would refer to as monsoon hail. It came in all shapes and sizes, causing damage across the city to commercial property, homes and automobiles. One of the larger swaths we have seen in quite some time.

So how does a person move forward when hundreds of thousands of property owners will all be looking for the same restoration? It can be a pretty simple process for automobiles, depending on your carrier. Many carriers will set up disaster claim centers for hail related storms. Usually you just drive up to a large location where a claims adjuster on site will assess the damages to your car. They may recommend a body shop to you, but usually you’ll receive a check to take to the next step in the process. Remember, you should get a couple of bids.

Finding the right auto hail repair specialist. Once you get to a body shop or specialty repair shop, ask for an inspection and bid on the repair work. Sometimes there are damages overlooked or accessibility issues that may add time to a repair that an adjuster might have overlooked. You should not have to pay for any difference in a repair cost verses your check amount. A shop can file a supplemental with your insurance company to get the difference made up.

Usually, insurance companies won’t pay for a rental car while yours is being repaired. Body shops will sometimes offer a reduced rate rental, or in some cases reimburse a set amount for a rental car.

The tough part comes the wait. Many shops are inundated with claims and PDR work is specialized outside the scope of body technicians. The influx of cars can sometimes cause wait times of months. Make sue your repair shop is insurance certified in your search as well. Hang in there…  they all get repaired.