A Very Common Practice in Auto Repair

San Antonio Auto Hail RepairInsurance companies today often pay out funds immediately for damages to a vehicle caused by hail. When additional funds are needed as a result of unseen damages or discrepancies in the original cost calculation, a supplemental claim is usually sought and paid out for the work. This is a very common practice in the auto insurance industry. Most supplemental claims are paid out quickly and without dispute as the insurance companies are very aware of this need, and usually prompt payments are received.

Most repair shops are in contact with the adjuster or claims representative and can handle the work of submitting the claim for you. There shouldn’t need to be a waiting time for your car to be repaired as long as the shop has at least a verbal and written acknowledgement of the companies intention to make the extra payment.

Don’t be surprised or feel taken advantage of when a hail damage repair shop suggests that the damages are more than the original claim payout. It is up to the repair shop to also prove the need for the supplemental payment on the work. Hail damage is a very unique damage to repair. Trims, moldings and other minor dents from the hail can easily be missed in an original estimate. The trained eye of a technician under working lights can often lead to many new discoveries, all of which take time and sometimes part replacement to remedy.

Check with your insurance agent about supplemental payouts if you’re concerned about your policy rates. With weather driven damage, most often you’ll find that repair does not effect your overall coverage. Best to check.