Mother nature carries very destructive capabilities and can lash out in a moments notice. What is it with the Rocky Mountain range in example? This time of year, the plains of the midwest are often decimated by late Spring storms. The days start very calm, clear with the promise of a pleasurable season on the way. By the afternoon, the cumulus clouds start their ascension to the heavens, just above the Rocky Mountains. It doesn’t take long. By mid afternoon, the colors change to dark, mix with every kind of cloud formation imaginable, winds pick up from every direction and the assault is on.

We see this every year. This year perhaps, a bit later than most in the season. Denver Colorado has been hit considerably hard in the last few days. Air traffic is stalled due to the violent nature of these storms. It’s sometimes like mother nature throwing fast balls with hail, as the wind is so fierce that it comes in horizontal. We’ve even seen door panel damage as a result.

The plains of Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, Nebraska and Iowa are havens for some of the most violent behavior possible for a storm. The destruction, beyond autos, it takes a toll on homes, buildings, siding and roofs. Projectile objects appear out of nowhere… and before you know it, calm returns by morning light.

Make sure to report hail, high winds and damage to local authorities. They track the movement of storms and type of precipitation it brings. Put your cars in a safe place and batten down the hatches so to speak. Mother has a wrath this time of year.