It has become painfully obvious to many people around the world, that weather patterns are changing from what we experienced even 15 years ago. Sure we always had our Winter to Spring volatility,tornadoes and thunderstorms coupled with heavy rains and hail always made their way into and out of the season. But what we are experiencing today, the extended periods of weather patterns often not seen in certain areas of the US by example, and well out of the norm for the “standard period” of transition of season’s is the cause for global concern.

It is global. As a hail repair company servicing international clients, we have seen an influx over the past 13 years in business of more frequent, heavier, damaging hail storms in regions not commonly known to be hit. Last year in Germany alone, we had started working a storm and covered a fairly sizable area. In each area, the locals commented that they had not seen the kind of activity present for the past 25 years or better. Many noted they had never seen the amount of hail based storms in their region ever.

While scientists can point to the reasons, and a skeptical public doesn’t buy into it all that much, let us attest to the fact that you need to seek precautionary measures to protect your property. We love dent work, trust us, but we have enough to keep us busy in working on fleets, rental and new car lots and the likes. The world is going to hail… and we’re there to fix the damages it causes.